May 5: London to Cape Town

After a shower and breakfast we drove to Broxbourne Riverside for a boat cruise. While we waited for a boat to become available we took a walk on the banks of the canal. We had a one hour cruise and Dave taught Maya and Josh how to steer a boat. We then had lunch at The Crown which is part of the Vintage Inns group. Dave, Tali and I each had one pie off the Vintage Pies menu, which are specially created by James Martin. Sadly the kitchen service was appalling and we waited an hour for our meal – not good with 2 kids! I had the fish pie which was meant to be Scottish salmon, smoked haddock and king prawns but which was more potato than fish! It was very tasty though, as were Talya’s British beef and merlot pie and Dave’s chicken, ham and leek pie. After lunch we did a bit of shopping and then came back to Talya and Jon. We finished packing, got the tube to the airport and spent some time walking around duty free. This included buying a bottle of Laphroaig and a Glencairn Glass. We snacked on some sushi and then made our way to the gate. We got there just as boarding started! The flight back home was uneventful – another amazing holiday!

"May 5"
May 5




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