May 4: London

Slept in a bit and after a cup of coffee and a shower I went with Talya to take the kids to Cheida. We then came back to the house and I had breakfast and we did a load of laundry as Dave needed a t shirt for the flight home. After that we went to fetch the kids, and then went to Ye Olde Cherry Tree for lunch. I had a spinach, ricotto and tomato tart with baby potatoes which I smothered in horseradish sauce. For dessert I had the raspberry creme brulee. We came back to the house and relaxed for the afternoon, baked a banana loaf and I helped Talya spring clean the kitchen. Jon braaid some chicken pieces that Talya had marinaded in an amazing bbq sauce all day. I turned the left over roast potatoes into a salad and we had a green salad to go with that as well as some corn on the cob. We finished the rhubarb crumble, ate some banana loaf and had stilton on crackers. Dave checked in for our flight and not long after that we went to sleep.

"May 4"
May 4

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