April 28: Little Haven and surrounds

This morning Dave made lightly smoked kippers with soft boiled eggs for breakfast. We then headed off for Talbenny and took a very short walk at St. Brides (Sain Ffred / Ffraid). On our way to Marloes we were asked to detour as the farmer was moving some cattle down the road. We drove through Marloes to Martin’s Haven and then went for a 50 minute cliff path walk from Marloes Mere to Marloes Sands. The views are amazing! We drove to our next walk, the other side of Marloes and walked 20 minutes to Musselwick Sands. Back in the car, through Dale to St. Ann’s Head and back to Dale for lunch. We went to Griffin Inn and I had a half pint of Stowford Press Cider and Dave had a pint of Buckley’s Bitter and a pint of prawns (£7.25). I had cawl (pronounced cowl) which is lamb broth (£6.25).

After lunch we drove through Milford Haven (Aberdaugleddau) to Hazelbeach looking for Claws seafood. We found the delivery van and the house, but no one was answering the phone. We drove back to Milford Haven and around the harbour before stopping at Tesco’s to do some shopping. We then went to Broad haven and had ice creams from Upton Farm – salted caramel for Dave and Merlin’s Magic for me. We ate these while walking on the beach. We then took a drive to Walton West to find Dash seafood – but they only sell wholesale. Seems like finding a fishmonger here is not that easy.

We returned to Little Haven and went to The Castle for our evening drink. I had a cider that was 7.2% – I had to be warned. This is less than the beers we enjoy at Triggerfish. Dave had a half pint of bitter and then we walked back to the apartment to relax. We shared a bottle of Wyld Wood organic cider – Dave used some for the leek and bacon we ate with dinner. Dinner was a pork festival – sausages, chops and black pudding! Followed by a bit of chocolate, then kiwi fruit with cream, and crackers and cheese. Wine tonight was Hardys Shiraz Cabernet 2013 – an Aussie wine! All the fresh air meant an early night.

"April 28"
April 28

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