April 26: Abingdon to Little Haven

I woke up at 5:50 after a good night’s sleep and snoozed before Dave woke up at 6:40. I then went to make us coffee and Dave had a shower. By the time he went downstairs Anne and Stuart were awake and I joined them after my shower. Stuart made use bacon and eggs for breakfast with fried mushrooms and toast. Another cup of coffee and then it was time to say goodbye sadly.

We left Abingdon (the oldest continuously inhabited place in England) and drove past an adult establishment named the Spread Eagle! We went over a 5p toll bridgebefore driving through the Cotswalds. We stopped at the Kings Head Inn in Birdwood for espresso and past a road called Solomons Tump. After Ross on Wye we started seeing Welsh names and crossed the ‘border’ at 11h52. We drove past Raglan (Rhaglan) Castle before arriving in Swansea (Abertawe) where we went to the Swansea Market for lunch of sausage rolls. We also bought leeks, scallops on the shell, mackerel, lamb chops and sausages from the various food stalls. We topped up our new sim card with international airtime and then headed for Haverfordwest (Hwlffordd). There is a HUGE Tesco’s here and we did the rest of our shopping before driving to Little Haven.

After unpacking I called my dad for his birthday and then we took a walk into the village to the Swan Inn. We watched the wild waves while having a drink. A half pint of ale and then bitter for Dave and a half pint of cider for me. The sand bags are still lined up along the footpath! For starters we had the scallops and our main course was mackerel with leeks and samphire. This is one vegetable I dont’t need to try again. Dessert was strawberries and cream and after cheese and biscuits I decided an early night was in order.

"April 26"
April 26

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