April 25: London to Abingdon

Breakfast was no better, with my poached egg now 2 days old! Thankfully Claudia, one of the air stewards was most helpful and made Dave and I coffee! That was a great way to wake up. Our luggage was delayed coming off the plane but once we had that we could go and sort out a new sim card as our Vodafone one is sitting at home! We collected a 4 door diesel Kia from Europcar and headed from Heathrow  Maidenhead on the M4. We then changed direction to Cookham and drove through Cookham looking for a specific house. We then went on our way to Marlow on stunning narrow country roads. We crossed an amazing bridge into Marlow. We then headed to Henley on Thames and after driving through we then stopped in Nettlebed at the White Hart Hotel for coffee. We crossed the Wallingford bridge into the old town before arriving at Anne in Abingdon.

After having coffee with Anne and Evie, and a shower Dave, Anne and I went to Millets farm stall where we bought asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke and rhubarb for dinner. We then went to a quaint pub called Rose Revived for lunch. Anne and I had cider and Dave had Abbot Ale. For lunch Anne and I chose pulled pork wraps and soup which I think was chicken. Dave had a BLT on multigrain which came with tomato soup. After lunch we went into Abingdon and walked past St. Helen’s church and the alms houses. Sadly it was raining and there are no photographs. We then went to the museum which was really interesting and includes the last MG to ever be made in Abingdon.

We came back to Anne and relaxed with coffee and yummy biscuits Dave found at Millets. We took a look at the river behind the house and I found one of the 5 Easter eggs still missing from the hunt last weekend. Evie took me to see her house which is perfect! Then it was time to prepare dinner. We had roast chicken with honey roasted parsnips. A potato and houlimi bake I am going to try at home as well as artichoke puree which was divine. I love the vegetable and will look for some seeds. I pan fried the asparagus and made a rich gravy. We had Vergenoegd wine with dinner and an apple and rhubarb crumble for dessert served with clotted cream and custard!

Dave showed Anne, Stuart and Evie some photos from home and after more wine it was time for bed. We had a truly brilliant evening!


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