April 24: Cape Town, Johannesburg, London

Yesterday everything that could go wrong did! We had an attempted break in at work at 5:45 which meant Dave had to go to work very early. Thankfully our guys at work could put the glass back in themselves as it had been very carefully removed. This is the third time but now we have a beam facing downwards which set off the alarm. The frame has been rivetted in so hopefully this will deter a repeat attempt. No sooner had this been sorted out than disaster struck at home. The company delivering stone had a brake failure on their truck which took down the wall and gate and fence. Thankfully our builder was available and he came over and bricked up a new column himself, using his foreman as an assistant and our gardener as his labourer. The gate was put back in place, albeit it off its track for the night and today the gate will be placed back on the track. It will however need replacing, together with the motor. A blessing in disguise as I really did not like the gate at all!

Last night we packed and this morning we got gate keys to both the boys who are house sitting for us. We got to the airport and faced a short but slow queue to check in for our flight to Joburg. The flight left half an hour late and we experienced a lot of turbulence. The meal I was served was fantastic. Cous cous salad starter. Chicken roulade and steamed vegetables as a main and a carob based florentine for dessert which was divine. Dave had pasta with meatballs which looked great.  We landed safely, collected our luggage and were offered free bag wrapping from SAA which is part of their service for Premium clients.

We are now sitting in the SAA premium lounge relaxing before our flight which leaves at 8pm tonight. The showers are great in this lounge and Dave and I had a bit to eat before boarding our flight. The meal on the plane was not good. The dishes were premade days in advance and the only fresh item was Dave’s dessert which was dry! My steak was good and made a welcome change from fish. Both Dave and I managed to sleep but the plane was extremely cold.


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